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Manufacturer of (relatively) inexpensive musical instruments based in Elkhart, Indiana. Sales of $23.2 million for Q$ 1999. Owned by Steinway, Selmer also manufactures under the names Bundy, Bach (brass), Glaesel (strings), Ludwig (drums), Emerson (flutes).

Anyone who has spent time playing in a school band in the US has probably played an instrument manufactured by Selmer. I still have a Bundy clarinet that my parents paid for on an installment plan.


There is a big difference between Selmer USA and Selmer of France. Selmer of France manufactures a wide variety of instruments including clarinets and saxophones. Among saxophonists, the saxes made by Selmer of France are for the most part considered to be the very finest, especially their Mark VI series which they no longer manufacture. They also revolutionized the entire sax world before the Mark VI when they introduced their Balanced Action model - this was the first saxophone with the finger / key mechanism that is now standard on all saxes being produced today.

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