1885-1947 Italian painter and composer of the Futurism movement.

In 1911 he was said to be the first to include motion as both the subject and the theme in his "Treno in velocita" Speeding Train. His music was better than his visual art.

He worked with:

He also penned The Art of Noises and The Futurist Intonarumori which outlined a very progressive vision of incorporation of sounds into music. He chose to go back to the roots of sound in modern instruments, and also suggested using natural sounds (wind, water, and various animal sounds) He invented noise machines called Intoners (or "intonarumori" in Italian.) This vision had a profound effect on Edgard Varèse who lived long enough to see it realized, which Russolo did not. Also on John Cage and George Anthiel.

He signed:


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