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A form of poetry, similar to that of a haiku, however words rather than syllables are counted. The form, is 3 5 3. The image that should be seen in the shape of the words should be a crescent. No rhyme or meter is needed. The lantern also has a similar form, though is slightly longer.

Words are poetry
Alive with image and sense
Each one unique

Lune (?), n. [L. luna moon: cf. F. lune. See Luna.]


Anything in the shape of a half moon.


2. Geom.

A figure in the form of a crescent, bounded by two intersecting arcs of circles.


A fit of lunacy or madness; a period of frenzy; a crazy or unreasonable freak.


These dangerous, unsafe lunes i' the king. Shak.


© Webster 1913.

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