Lynn took a chance
    So I reached out and embraced her,
  She wrapped up in my arms
    So close that I could taste her.
  The days were warm and humid,
    Her kiss like chardonnay.
  Her tongue gave absolution
    As I knelt right down to pray.

 Lynn, your eyes like the stars,
  You sigh like the wind
  You loved me with effortless grace.

  When the Titan opened up the jar
    He let loose all the strife,
  The people ate the sacred truth
    And bought it with their life.
  It only takes a single slip
    And everything just shatters
  An instant and a chance misstep
    Our dreams are left in tatters.

 Lynn, your heart like fine china
  I'll never again
  Feel the brush of your hand on my face.

 Lynn, asleep like a child
  My lips on your skin
  I always will miss your embrace.

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