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Programming in straight windows API, without MFC or an equivalent (Does Borland have one? I don't know), is really a very painful experience. The Windows API was developed before object oriented languages like C++ came into full use. So later on MFC was created to simplify things. I'm currently taking a class in windows programming, and as the professor told us on the first day "Windows programming in C is really kind of a black art." If you know someone who does this, bring them burnt offerings and a virgin sacrafice. They have more power than you can possibly comprehend.

This is a FAQ for the FreeBSD project. MFC denotes a merge from -CURRENT: this commonly occurs after a well-tested change has matured in the latest FreeBSD development branch and is deemed ready to backport to a -STABLE branch; also, this may be done for security issues that come up and must be fixed ASAP!

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