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Marking borne by all the police vehicles in Mad Max, even by the Black Interceptor and Nightrider's stolen Pursuit Special. Stands for Main Force Patrol. You can see right at the start of the film (where Roop is perving on the fucking couple with his telescopic sight) a sign by the road saying 'This Highway Monitored by Main Force Patrol', which has been graffitied to say 'Arse Patrol'.

The force's jurisdiction is dedicated to cars and roads, for example high speed chases and accidents. The cars in the force are positively orgasmic, being mainly early seventies Ford Falcon XA/XB sedans and coupes, painted red, yellow, and dark blue. The headquarters are the dilapidated 'Halls of Justice' (which is an ex-gasworks in Melbourne), and the uniform for the force is all leather.

Not to be confused with Metropolitan Fire Brigade

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