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Hate's not your enemy, Love's your enemy.
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I am Joe Totale, the as yet unborn son

Winston Churchill had a speech imp-p-p-pedament, and look what he did - erased half of London

When I was young, I was taught a little song. I'd only ever sing it when things are going horribly wrong.

A poeeeem

To be called a troll
Has never been my goal
My nodes you should see
And I think you will agree
They are mostly worthy
You bunch of fucking cunts


wonko says: You know, I can never tell when you're being a dick. First I though you were being a dick. Then I thought I was being a dick and you were being sarcastic. Now I don't know who's the dick. Are you a dick? Because if you're not a dick, you don't deserve to be on my list of noders who have been complete fucking dicks to me.