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A common abbreviation for "giantess", especially when referring to those with a giantess fetish, or when the term is used by one with such a fetish. This seems to have originated and is more common in Japan, but is widely used by Americans. Americans with this fetish, anyway.

GTS stands for GT Styling or Gran Turismo Styling. In essence, it is a way of hotting up cars to a near-Gran Turismo (GT) specification without manufacturing them as a pure GT. Cars labelled 'GTS' usually come from the manufacturer, but parts are available to buy for many cars to turn the standard model into something a little more special. A good example is Ford's XA and XB Falcons during the seventies (There was never an option for an XC GT, due to reduced legal emission levels. A Ford XA Falcon ute with a 351ci Cleveland engine with 2V heads is a GTS, not a GT (which would be required to have 4V heads to be correctly called a GT). The GT/GTS divide has caused many an argument between auto enthusiasts determined to prove their car is a top GT.

It is worth noting however, that some cars do not have GT badging as the top model; for example the Holden HQ Monaro GTS 350, and Dodge Viper GTS; both examples of badging where the 'GTS' version is the best.

GTS also stands for...
  • Global Telecommunications System
  • The GNU Triangulated Surface Library
  • The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church
  • Gaming Terrain System
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