Originally based the Volkswagen Rabbit (with a 1.8 litre engine), it was first introduced in 1983 in the US and is still alive today. It is regarded as the original pocket rocket. In 1985 it became based on a Golf with an upgraded suspension package, alloy wheels, and usually a different trim package...although now (in 2000) it's just a "fully loaded" Golf with a VR6 engine. The VR6 engine was an option from 1994 to 1999.5. Different chassis were used throughout the years. They are as follows: (Mk pronounced as "mark"-used as a designation in Europe)
1983-1984=Mk1 or A1,
1985-1993=Mk2 or A2,
1994-1999.5=Mk3 or A3,
1999.5-Current=Mk4 or A4

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