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Small (2.8 liter), powerful V6 engine made by Volkswagen. Called the VR6 because the V pattern of the cylinders is very narrow, only 15 degrees (versus the usual 45, 60, or even 90 of other engines). This allows this 6 cylinder engine to fit into engine bays that ordinarily couldn't fit anything larger than your typical 4 cylinder engine. A nice engine.

The Volkswagen VR6 engine is a 2.8-liter, 6-cylinder, 12-valve engine capable of producing 174hp @ 5,800rpm and 181lbs-ft of Torque @ 3,200rpm. The engine is the premiere Volkswagen performance engine in the GTi, Jetta, and Passat. As the other node points out, its design allows for the engine to be placed intocompact engine bays typically designed for 4-cylinder engines.

The VR6 is slated for some changes in the mid-2002 model year. The 2002 VR6 will be a 201hp engine with 24 valves, instead of 12. The engine will now be optionally mated with a 6-speed transmission, as opposed to the 5-speed transmission that is currently being offered.

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