Frat boy acronym for "God Damned Independent", i.e. any college student who isn't in a fraternity or sorority.

"I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member." - Groucho Marx
Gross Domestic Income. Always equal to the Gross Domestic Product {GDI), and for this reason:

The GDI is the measure of money gained by the government, corporations, and people, while the GDP is the measure of money spent by said individuals. Since money must be spent in order for it to be gained, GDP and GDI are always at a constant state of equilibrium.
The Graphics Device Interface (GDI) provides Windows programs with a unified system for presenting graphics to the user. The GDI is used for video (display) and the printer systems.

For printing, the GDI accepts application print requests and translates them into Device Driver Interface (DDI) calls specific to the graphic capabilities of the end printing device.

When an application sends a print request, the GDI and the DDI produce a file called the Print Job.

There are two different types of print jobs:

  1. Raw Print Job
    Raw Print Jobs contain the sequence of instructions for the printer that will produce the job.

  2. Journal File Print Job
    The Journal File Print Job contains a list of the Device Driver Interface calls that will produce a raw print job.

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