A Mammoth tank is a very impressive unit that can be found in Command & Conquer and its sequels. They are very big, very slow, very heavily armoured, and equipped with missile launchers and the characteristic pair of cannons.

In Command & Conquer Mammoth tanks are available to the GDI, and in Red Alert to the Soviets. In both cases Mammoth tanks tend to make up the back-bone of the forces of that side. This is because they are very tough and reliable (they even regenerate up to 50% of their damage level) and can combat all types of opposition. Their cannons are very powerful against vehicles and tanks, while their missile launchers fend off airborne attackers.
In Command & Conquer they were slightly vulnerable to infantry though. This was because the infantry units were able to take cover from the cannon blasts. In Red Alert, however, the Mammoth tanks would use their missile launchers to instantly annihilate any opposing infantry.

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