A person who goes to raves, but also clubs and parties. Currently 70s-esque polyester jumpsuits seem to be coming back into fashion. Other clothes include parodies of corporate logos, transformed into drug advertisements. Usually trashed off drugs like Ecstasy, Speed and LSD.

Usually they like techno, otherwise they wouldn't be considered a raver.

A person who goes to raves. Frequently seen wearing big pants, retro-reflective accessories, and drug-inspired fashions like 4:20 shirts or pacifier necklaces.

Many of their parents' generation thinks ravers are a sign that kids these days are drugged-out, valueless, and worthless. Guess those oldsters have conveniently forgotten the 80's, when cocaine was everywhere and roach clips were hair accessories.

A raver is someone who goes to raves. In North America (UK could be different) in the late 80s and early 90s ravers could really have been anybody from any already pigeon holed sub culture. Once it broke to the mainstream it became a fashion adopted mostly by suburban kids that involved imatating the skateboarder style only with more childish accessories and baggier pants. Since ravers are human they have many different personalities and represent their subculture in different ways. Despite what some ravers say about it not being about the drugs it is mostly about how good it feels to dance all night on ecstasy or crystal meth and having a good excuse to just be super nice to people and do a lot of huggin and kissin. There is a fine line between someone who embodies the concepts and beauty that attracted the mainstream to parties in the first place and someone who is a confused drug dependent adolescent. Drugs always seem to make fine lines.

Rav"er (?), n.

One who raves.


© Webster 1913.

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