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Artist: System of a Down
Album: Steal This Album
Track: 12
Running TIme: 2:15

Already a live favourite, this is track number twelve on System's new album Steal This Album. It was originally a previously unreleased track, but was included on System's new "rare tracks" album released on November 25th 2002. This song encapsulates everything System of a Down are and what they stand for: fast, heavy riffs and beats, with a voice too hilarious to be taken seriously and anti-system lyrics. I don't really think I need to explain the meaning, it speaks for itself.

It is quite different to that of Toxicity, more easily fitting into their first album. The guitars are a lot more distorted and less clear than they are in Toxicity, just like they used to be. Serj Tankian's voice goes up and down all through the song, slowing down and speeding up where you least expect it, and in the verses where he sings "bit! bit! bit!" are contenders for classic System moments.

In my opinion, it's their best song yet. This song is easily downloaded off a lot of peer to peer programs, should the urge to Fuck the System take over you.


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