Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 31: A Friendly Contest
Original U.S. air date: November 10, 2001
Written by: Matthew V. Lewis

Dr. Onishi has provided the Autobots with a handheld device to sense the location of o-parts, which he has hidden among archaeological sites around the world. The car brothers have one device, and after they report its effectiveness the build team is sent by Optimus Prime to join them in a contest to find the most o-parts first. They use the global space bridge to move from site to site while the Decepticons try to take them from them. At the same time, Sky-Byte and Slapper are trying (and failing) to plant fake o-parts at each site before the Autobots get there.

Eventually the Autobots get all five remaining o-parts, and when the Decepticons and Megatron threaten them to hand them over, Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus arrive and all the Autobots fight back to keep them. Anxious to prove his fighting ability, Wedge gets captured by Megatron who demands all the o-parts in exchange for Wedge's life. Optimus is about to hand them over when Sky-Byte, confused from afar by this exchange, decides to 'stumble' into Optimus and swap the real o-parts for his fakes. Instead Sky-Byte trips and they both drop their o-parts on the ground. Taking advantage of the distraction, Optimus and Magnus combine into Omega Prime and force Megatron to drop Wedge and flee with the Decepticons. The Autobots take the real o-parts back to their headquarters, and when all the o-parts are brought together they float into the air and form a glowing ring.

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Nobody, including Dr. Onishi, seems to know exactly what the o-parts will do together, but that isn't stopping everyone from fighting each other over them. They (and we the viewers) all assume they're connected to Cerebros and Fortress Maximus, but nobody actually knows what they'll have when they collect them all.

At the same time, we can only assume that Megatron is hopelessly short on manpower (robotpower?), since Sky-Byte's blundering has already brought him more death threats from Megatron than the Autobots have received all together. It's no wonder that Koji remains convinced he's really a hero instead of a villain.

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