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I wasn't going to write this, until I realised (surprisingly) just how many people from Melbourne are on Everything2. What I'm trying to achieve is a list that tells you, no matter what time it is, where cheap beer can be had in a drinking establishment.
  • The Armadale: A bit of a wanker establishment, but if you can get over it you'll find pots of Victoria Bitter and Carlton Draught for $2 from 7-9pm. There are three bars, some nice (albeit semi-pricey) pool tables, and there might be bands playing, but the big selling point is that it's within stumbling distance distance from Armadale Station, so drink up then piss off elsewhere. 1068-1076 High St Armadale
  • Club UK: Okay, so it's a theme pub but it's better than most, with a nice selection of English beers (Boddingtons, Tetleys, Becks, and Dog's Bollocks off the top of my head) and sometimes some good music/dj's playing. The beers are $7 a pint, except for the 'Dog's Bollocks' which is $5 most nights, $2 on Wednesdays, and quite tasty to boot. Small location, but packs alot in and is nice to visit - open until about 3am most nights. 169 Exhibition St Melbourne.
  • Shanghai Club: I quite like this place, but no one else seems to. A pokies joint with a bar at the front and a karaoke club upstairs, the Shanghai Club is open until 3am every day. Both VB and Carlton Draught are on tap - at good prices. Pots are $1.80 all Saturday, all Sunday, and every weekday from 4pm to 7pm. Not the sort of place you want to spend alot of time at, but good to stop in, down a few, then head somewhere else. 242 Lt Bourke St (Chinatown) Melbourne.
  • The Tote: A Melbourne rock institution and a good pub. Anyway, go there for Tightarse Tuesdays, with $1.10 pots of Geelong Bitter from 6pm to about 1am. 71 Johnston St (Cnr Johnston, Wellington sts) Collingwood.
  • U-Bar: Situated in the University of Melbourne, this bar is a popular hangout for students (Okay, I'll stop being so friggin' obvious). Unfortunately (in my worthless opinion) it's filled *almost* entirely with wankers, who drink Carlton Draught (a shit beer), when for 80 cents more they could drink Stella Artois (One of the worlds' best beers). And that's about it. There's really nothing to recommend this place, apart from the pints of Stella (sold only in pints) for $4.80. Go there, but only if you're meeting someone - and smoking is only allowed outside. 1st Floor, Student Union Building, Melbourne University, Parkville.

This is a work in progress, keep checking back. If you know somewhere, add it in or message me and i'll check it out.

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