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MSCTimes (www.msctimes.com) is a webzine (online magazine) covering issues relating to the Malaysian MSC. It is subtitled "The Busines Journal of the MSC".

Its major Sections or Channels are updated weekly.

  1. Movers & Shakers provides a candid look at the people who are making a difference in the local IT scene.
  2. The Status is a series of profiles of noteworthy MSC-Status companies.
  3. Net Focus features analytical articles on either a particular company or a specific sector within the IT industry.
  4. VC Corner looks at the financing process - giving you insights into the VC community, how they operate and the type of dotcoms that are currently funding.
  5. Say IT! brings you insights and commentaries by key IT professionals on the state of the technology industry in Malaysia.
  6. IT Briefs is a collection of snippets of the latest product launches and IT news in the country.

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