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MVDDS is a type of television and Internet delivery technology recently licensed for use in the United States by the Federal Communications Commission.  This was subsequently tested by the MITRE corporation for the FCC. A report was filed in the 98-206 Docket before the FCC.

MVDDS: An Acronym for Multchannel Video and Data Distribution Service as defined by the Federal Communications Commission. This terrestrial based wireless transmission method reuses Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) frequency for distribution of Multichannel Video and Data over large distances.

The spectrum is in the 12.2 - 12.7 GHz range, offering fast downloads but requiring other frequencies for uploads. Seen as potential competitor to cable for delivery of 'triple-threat' services (voice, data, video).

MVDDS spectrum is held by 11 companies, but the largest chunks are owned by three, South.com, DTV Norwich, and MDS Operations.



The MVDDS service was created a result of a "Spectrum Grab" by the now defunct Northpoint Technology L.L.C. While Northpoint was fighting with the DBS companies, MDS America was granted permission to conduct experimental testing of their service in Florida.



There are presently other countries using MVDDS for television signal delivery:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Ireland

These systems were built by MDS America, a company that is involved in the worldwide MVDDS market. See MITRE report referenced above.

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