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Macheath, title character in a song from the Threepenny Opera, made famous by singer Bobby Darin. You can dance swing step to Darin's version.

A sample:
On the sidewalk Sunday morning
Lies a body oozing life;
Someone's sneaking 'round the corner.
Is the someone Mack the Knife?
Otherwise known as Mackie Messer.

The original lyrics to that passage, before "Americanization," translated more-or-less correctly, are as follows:

    On a beautiful blue Sunday
    See a corpse stretched in the Strand.
    See a man dodge 'round the corner...
    Mackie's friends will understand.

Obviously, to properly lyricize, some slight tugging was done, but that's mostly accurate.

Music, of course, by Kurt Weill, with lyrics by Bertolt Brecht.

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