It strikes me as funny, and yet, incredibly annoying the attitude of people who think they are superior to you when you are waiting on them.

I manage a cafe, and at times I fill in for staff when they are sick or the cafe is busy. I wait on tables. I don't really have a clue what I am doing, but I make sure the customers are happy, and generally joke with them, or entertain their kids, which helps them enjoy their night out a lot more. My real job is in the city, where I earn a shitload, and do very little.

From time to time you get the "suit" coming in barking orders at you, and making snide remarks about the time taken on busy days, or expecting things for free. They have no idea who I am (nor I, them), and regard me as their serving wench (the male term escapes me, but I think it is along the lines of a slave, or eunuch), my entire reason for existing is to pamper their whims and laugh at their shitty remarks.

Most of these people are realestate agents, or salesmen from nearby car yards. At times I feel like saying "Hey buddy, fuck you! You come in here in your cheap suit, ordering me around like you are God's gift to mankind. I earn twice your salary, have a brain the size of a small planet, wear suits the price of your house, and this is my business you are sitting in. Here's your $3 bowl of fries, I hope you choke on them." But instead I swallow my pride and ask if they would like anything else, always thinking that their $3 adds to my business and helps me out more than them.

The next time you get your oil checked at the service station, bark orders at a waiter/waitress, or give the checkout operator stick at the grocery store, bear in mind that a). these are people too who get this crap day in, day out b). one day you could be working for them as this is just a job getting them by as they finish their PhD, and c). no matter your station in life, there is no need to be an asshole - ever.

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