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A native of Guyana, born Niel Fraser, the Mad Professor is a producer and a remixer. Mad Professor has helped produce over one hundred albums including an amazing remix for Massive Attack, Sade and Pato Baton. He also puts on a great live show where he mixes tracks through his mixing desk and effects and usally plays the most amazing dub you'll ever hear. Mad Professor earned his professional name for his childhood fascination for electronics. Moving to London, at the age of thirteen, Mad Professor continued to experiment with electronics purchasing a reel to reel tape recorder and other equipment which would gradually grow into his studio, "Ariwa", after the Nigerian word for sound. My landlords dub band just had a track remixed by the Mad Professor and he said the Mad Professor basically remixes anybody. You just need to send the tracks and the money and then one day, in his case a couple months, a cd arrives in the mail.

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