The rock band Mad at Gravity makes their debut with the album Resonance a heavy guitar driven album. Laden with spiritually heavy songs like "Burn" and "Kerosene", Mad at Gravity is filled with emotion. The lead singer J. Lynn Johnston delivers his soulful lyrics with avid emotion. Resonance was released July 16, 2002 by ARTISTDirect Records. The band did everything backwards. Instead of touring for months and striving to get backing, they were already being talked about over the internet before anybody even knew who they were. One thing that sets the band appart is that the guys who play the instruments get more press then the vocals. J. Lynn writes and sings the lyrics, but Jake Fowler (drums), Ben Froelich (bass), Anthony "Bosco" Boscarini and James Lee Barlow (guitar)made the band possible. They all decided to come together to make a band and the result is a band made to rock.

1. Primer
2. Walk Away
3. Historypeats
4. Time and Time Again
5. Find the Words
6. Run for Cover
7. Burn
8. Coalescence
9. Letter to Myself
10. This Collision
11. In Vain
12. Kerosene
13. Say it
14. Indefined Reversion

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