Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth

Okay, so both animes fall into the catagory of "shoujo anime" - those animes that usually watched/enjoyed by younger girls. (As opposed to "shounen anime" that are usually enjoyed by younger boys - Dragon Ball Z is a good example.) Both shows feature junior high school girls that have or are given some sort of magical power. (This puts them both in the "magical girl genre" of anime - a very popular theme in shojo anime.)

However, this node is meant to raise the question: Are MKR and SM basically the same storyline?

Personally, I say that no, they aren't. One of them deals in earth mythology and is a social commentary on modern-day life for young girls in Japan. (That would be Sailor Moon, for those of you who didn't know.) The other transports the magical girls to another world (Cephiro) where they must learn to survive on their own -and- fight the monsters they face.

So, are they really the same storyline, because they have a main enemy (who happens to have numerous minions to do his/her dirty work) and they fight that enemy with their magical powers?


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