Jam harder like a Magikist
Rock harder like a Magikist

The Magikist sign in Chicago is actually semi-famous (as old signs in Chicago go). This is probably due to repeated mention of the word in Wesley Willis tracks such as "Eazy-E", "Rick Sims" and "Stabbing Westward". Currently the name is being used by a Canadian manufacturer of high pressure cleaning equipment for industry, agriculture and car washes. However today's Magikist isn't the one responsible for erecting the lip-shaped sign in ChiTown.

TT: Wesley, what's a "Magikist"?

WW: It's a carpet cleaner!

TT: Is it?

WW: Damn!

In days gone by there were apparently three Magikist signs guarding the three incoming Chicago expressways however now only one remains (on the Kennedy near Montrose).

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Magikist is a manufacturer of high pressure cleaning equipment. These products include pressure washers and commercial carwash products. There are other products listed on the website (www.magikist.com) which include coin acceptors and timers.

Magikist was made famous by giant signs aside Chicago's expressways in the shape of neon lips. One of these signs appears in the background of a Blues Brothers scene. Magikist is not headquatered in Chicago, but rather Canada.

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