a drug combo: pseudoephedrine and 5-HTP. both fully legal, over-the-counter, and readily available. 60mg pfed and 200mg 5-HTP on an empty stomach is reportedly a good dose:

"In a half an hour, I started to feel really good. It had a nice buzz that lasted for a couple of hours. Nothing close to MDMA, but not bad considering it's cheap, legal and harmless. Plus it was nice to wake up on Sunday morning and not be totally strung out."

named after the rapper, not the other way around. :)

Wesley Willis' 'Eazy-E' is justly famous for his bizarre verbal ejaculation of 'Scream, Dracula! Scream!' immediately before the song begins. There's no reason for him to say it, as this is a studio recording, and Eazy-E was not a vampire. Rocket from the Crypt borrowed the phrase for the title of their debut album.

Whilst this is one of Willis' less distinguished songs, it's notable for two reasons:
1. It includes the immortal phrase 'rock harder like a Magikist'. 'Magikist' is a word which sounds familiar but is, in fact, meaningless, and it's fun to interject this phrase into everyday conversation:
"General Powell, how exactly do you plan to 'fight evil'? It all sounds a bit... vague."
"Well, the joint chiefs have come up with a plan, and, collectively, we've resolved to rock harder - like a Magikist. Furthermore, we're going to jam harder, also like a Magikist. These terrorists are going on a misery hell bus ride, I can tell you."

2. In conception and, importantly, delivery, the final verse:
"Rock, rap and roll will never die!
The music will pick you up!
The jam session will rock your artwork!
Rock, rap and roll will entertain your artistic talent!

is possibly the most uplifting set of four lines in the history of music (see also Express Yourself by Charles Wright). By all accounts Wesley Willis has led a miserable life of constant struggle, and I wouldn't want to swap places with him; but in that darkness there's a flash of light, and hope for us all.

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