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Scream, Dracula, Scream!
Album by Rocket From the Crypt
Interscope, 1995
Listening to the record, you feel like you are hearing a band hitting its stride, achieving exactly the sounds it wants. So the curious thing is that I feel strangely unsatisfied with the record. I'm not usually one to turn down pure pop pleasures and I can't argue with the pleasantness of the hooks, but these are hooks that don't bring me back for more.
Eric Hsu
Track Listing
  1. Middle
  2. Born in '69
  3. On A Rope
  4. Young Livers
  5. Drop Out
  6. Used
  7. Ball Lightning
  8. Fat Lip
  9. Suit City
  10. Heater Hands
  11. Misbeaten
  12. Come See, Come Saw
  13. Salt Future
  14. Burnt Alive

Rocket from the Crypt borrowed the term 'Scream, Dracula, Scream!' from Wesley Willis' unprovoked verbal ejaculation at the beginning of his song 'Eazy-E', found on 'Greatest Hits Vol 1'.

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