A character from Fatal Fury (Garou Densetsu in Japanese) 2, a fighting game published by SNK for the Neo Geo console/arcade system in 1992. Mai Shiranui was the second female character to be playable in the genre (after Chun-Li from Street Fighter 2).

Mai is a female ninja (kunoichi) who is the girlfriend of Andy Bogard (the brother of the game's main character, Terry), despite the conflict of Andy's asceticism and shyness with Mai's party-girl tendencies. In the King of Fighters series, Mai is a member of the all-female team representing England, alongside the androgynous bartender King and (sometimes) Yuri Sakazaki, the rehabilitated hostage girl from Art of Fighting.

Mai has gained a reputation in some circles for posessing huge tracts of seismologically unstable land, mostly because of:

  1. The remarkably bouncy animations she was given in SNK's King of Fighters series
  2. The character design that Masami Oobari gave to Mai in the infamously fanservice-laden Fatal Fury spinoff anime, which increased the amount of cleavage in her outfit to ridiculous levels, and happily demonstrated the inevitable results of fighting in it.
SNK attempted to rehabilitate Mai's image with a new outfit in later Fatal Fury sequels, but the popularity of the 'original' outfit and KOF ensured its immortality.

Mai's most famous victory pose has her opening a paper fan and declaring, "Nippon Ichi"("Japan's Number One" or "Best in Japan", depending on which books you read). The quote's been infamously misinterpreted as either "Me Bouncy" or "Ni (Boing) Ichi", either of which are understandable mistakes considering the jiggle that goes with the pose.

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