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A road in Catonsville, Maryland that extends from historic Frederick Road (by way of becoming Paradise Avenue for a few blocks) and past Wilkens Avenue and Westland Boulevard down into Arbutus, Maryland. It's the primary conduit for local commuter students of UMBC and CCBC (formerly CCC) campuses to get to and from their apartments in the low-rent part of town to the north. It's also well-traveled by UMBC residents because of the Giant and Metro supermarkets between Wilkens Avenue and Westland Boulevard. The road is also well known for being the location of Charlestown Retirement Community which is owned and operated by the same people who built the new Erickson Hall at UMBC.

Because of the rolling hills all along the road, it's entirely possible to coast the entire mile from Paradise Avenue to the first light at Wilkens Avenue in a stick shift car by starting out at 40 miles per hour around the bend.

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