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Release Date: 15 August 1946

This film could have been called Fantasia Lite. That's not an insult; the 10 musically-themed segments of this film have been rated anywhere from adequate to excellent, but the "Lite" designation would be because the music was more contemporary than that in Fantasia. The animation is also not as sophisticated, reflecting the decreased production values necessitated by World War II (which had only ended a year previous).

Still, the segments in this film are generally worth seeing. I won't mention them all here, but there are a few notable pieces:

The other segments are good but not particularly notable.

This film, alas, was the first of the Disney Animated Features not to earn a single Academy Award nomination. It did win an award at the Cannes Film Festival, but perhaps the Academy, like the general public, were longing to see another traditional animated feature rather than these collections of shorts. They would have to wait until 1950 (Cinderella).

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