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A programming language from hell, can be found at http://www.mines.edu/students/b/bolmstea/malbolge/index.html. From the readme:

"It (malbolge) was designed to be difficult to use, and so it is. It is designed to be incomprehensible, and so it is.

So far, no Malbolge programs have been written. Thus, we cannot give an example."

Malbolge is basically a trinary processor emulator, but is much more evil. Download the source and read the documentation, and you'll see just how bad it is.

It is believed that Malbolge is not Turing complete, which is probably the main reason that no Malbolge programs have been written.

The perpetrator has recently implemented an evil little brother-type language (I'd say extension, but it isn't like Malbolge at all) to Malbolge, called Dis (named after the city at the center of hell, according to Dante). In the words of the author, "Dis is like Malbolge, but, instead of attempting to be the absolute worst programming language ever, simply tries to walk the fine line between inhumanly difficult to use and actually impossible to use.".

Personally, I (dis-)like Unlambda better.

There have, in fact, been at least two programs written in Malbolge.

Using a genetic algorithm, an Andrew Cooke has generate this Malbolge code:

(=<` $9]7 <5YX z7wT .3,+ O/o' K%$H "'~D |#z@ b=`{ ^Lx8% $Xmr kpoh m-kN i;gs edcb a`_^ ]\[Z YXWV UTSR QPON MLKJ IHGF EDCB A@?> =<;: 9876 543s +0<o Lm

That is a valid malbolge program to print "HEllo WORld". (Not "Hello, World!".) See his page at http://www.acooke.org/andrew/writing/malbolge.html for more information on that, and how it was created.

Also, for a truly trival malbolge program, there's this: DP which does nothing. (This program is distrubted as "nop.mal" with the malbolge interpreter.)

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