I read that a doctor, when treating a woman for serious back aches, gave her very light electroshocks to the central nervous system, and she didn't only feel relieved, but also quite erm... turned-on. Turns out that giving a woman an artificial orgasm isn't hard at all. Media says that it may be only a couple of years till you can buy commercial versions of such a apparatus everywhere. But what if it also would work for men?

Let's face it: the (male) sex drive succeeds every other survival instinct (exept the fear of heights perhaps), and is generally known as the main trigger to evolution and progress of the human race. But what if something could substitute that in a way other than simply Roleplaying or Star trek. What if there were just some electrodes that you plug to your spine and give yourself a nice, 30-minutes orgasm. Would you even turn the machine off?

As we all know, when fucking (or masturbating), you don't even think of anything else. And at the moment of highest pleasure, you just can't think anything. Thoughts will only kick back in after the pleasure has worn off. So the end of western civilization would not be A-Bombs, or a plague, or an asteroid, but sex. The pope was all right after all (see Onan on that one). We who are sinful will dreadfully die because we whack our brains out.

Seriously: While videogames and TV are already annihilating about the half of all possible work-to-do and intellectual output on this planet, a orgasm machine would simply put the world in a very stagnation of everything, and turn around our social and belief system completely. Since only wealthy people in the Euro-Asian-American part of the globalized economy are able to afford such a device, they will be threatened by the unleashed, uncontrolled and unsupplied poor from the third world. Or maybe they supply the thang to all of the third world for free. Whatever is cheaper.

I think the whole point is that masturbating takes a lot of time and vaseline for just about 20 seconds of pleasure. If you had a device to just kick you to orgasming for a neat 10 minutes, that would be fucking... fucking... great, dude... ;-)
Yet it is unproved if a prolonged/repeated male orgasm is even something pleasent or desireable.

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