This character doesn't have a sword.

And even if I found one for him, it wouldn't do him much good. I put his skill points into magic.

There's the sign-in screen. Each of them has a different name. It's technically possible to give them all the same name, but that just makes it confusing. There it's rendering the position I logged off from when I last played him

No, I can't do anything I could do with the other account. They have entirely different tools, skill trees, and resources they can access

Just because they're both my accounts, doesn't make them the same person. It's like if I operate a forklift in real life, or if I operate an electron microscope in real life. Even though it's the same person doing both, the medium through which my actions are expressed, results in entirely different effects on the environment. So different that they might as well have been done by different people.

So yeah, I have lots of accounts in this world. Even though I consider myself as just one player, I consider my contribution to the population as much larger than that.

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