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(This is the man with one leg shoe dream man story, titled by Jessicapierce)
One sculptor I met had a terrible accident in an automobile with his son. They both went into coma and slept there for a long time. During the man's coma he had wonderful dreams, more vivid than normal dreams. He travelled all over the place, and he kept seeing a strange symbol: piles of shoes. He first saw the pile of shoes in a market in India. He went up to the pile of shoes, because somehow he knew it was important, and he realized they were only right-foot shoes. He kept seeing piles of shoes, and shoes all over the place, and they were always right ones. Never a left foot. This went on for a long times as he travelled in dreams around the world. Then he went into a dark tunnel with a light at the end, walked slowly to the light, until he turned left into a little staircase and woke up. His son woke up too and had similar dreams, but without the shoe issue.
Then he found out that during his sleep a surgeon had cut off his left leg.

I glanced down at the artificial leg under the table; I had arrived late and hadn't see him walk.

The story is true but I can't remember the guy's name nor if it was the left leg or the right one; if he reads this, um, hello

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