A webcomic created by James Duncan and Matthew Shepherd.

In the proud tradition of The Tick, Man-Man is a not-too-subtle satire of superhero comics. It takes place in the fictional Funakawa City, which is apparently supposed to be somewhere in the United States. The title character, Man-Man (AKA "Wayne Wealthy") was once a janitor for the aptly-named Evil Corp., until one day he was bitten by a radioactive man, giving him (in addition to the billions of dollars he sued Evil Corp. for) the proportional strength, speed, and agility of... a man. Yeah. Additionally, he has grown half of a second head on top of his original one (though he is completely unaware of it) and is "invisible" to women except under "extreme circumstances" (e.g., if he catches fire). He's also a crazed halfwit, but that doesn't seem to be a consequence of his "mutation".

Other characters:

Paul: Man-Man's reluctant sidekick, and possibly the only sane person in all of Funakawa City. He worked for Evil Corp. until they blew up his house and fined him half a million dollars for helping Man-Man escape being burned at the stake. So far, he's the only person who can hear Man-Man's secondary head talk.
Frenchy: Man-Man's homicidal, alcoholic Belgian butler. Man-Man calls him "Frenchy" because he's never heard of Belgium. He is currently hiding from Interpol for reasons he refuses to discuss.
Doctor Vivisectus: Man-Man's arch-enemy, a master of genetics and mad science in general. He lives in the basement of Man-Man's mansion. ("What? He pays rent.")
Gutsy (AKA Mud Matlock): "The Man with Guts". A blind superhero whose speech is characterized by series of one-word sentence fragments and gibberish.
Chiroptera: Another superhero. After beating up the bad guys, he proceeds to recite angsty prose poetry. This apparently makes him popular with women.
Bindle & Spine: Two government agents whose mission is to discover Man-Man's secret identity. They're convinced he's not Wayne Wealthy, because he told them so himself.

Relatively recently, the comic has undergone an overhaul, and the authors are rewriting old storylines with better-drawn comics. You can find the comic at www.man-man.org.

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