Mothers always know best and mine was no different. I would glare mutinously at her over the top of my new plastic glasses frames that made me look ugly and she'd ignore it, walking me to Red's house.
'Red is nice.'
'No, she isn't.'
'You used to like her.'
'No, I never'
'I'm not going to argue with you, Jane. You're going to be polite and you're going to have fun.'
When Mother said she would not argue that meant the conversation was over and she would not listen. Mother always told me I would have fun and she was always wrong half the time.
'Red's not nice to me anymore.'
' She sat next to Miriam at lunch and she says I shouldn't play on the monkey bars anymore because I always fall off in middle.'
'But Miriam's her cousin, sweetie. And are you sure that's what she meant about the bars?'
'Mom, I said'.
Red was no worse and no better than the rest of the second graders. I was no cuter and no uglier than them either but I think they were jealous. Yeah, that's it. Jealous. Because I had glasses and I got to sit in the back row now. And I knew how to do the math work and I wouldn't help Red with her homework unless she begged. But then I wouldn't get first turn on...
'MommyPleaseIwannagoHOME '
'Don't be silly. You behave, remember to say please and stuff. I'll be back for you in about an hour.'
Walking home I showed Mom the paper dolls we made. Red said mine were still better than Miriam's.

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