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The Mangalores are a fictional race from the movie The Fifth Element. They are warriors reduced to doing the dirty work of others after the galactic government scattered them and took away their home planet.

Mangalores, as described by Ruby Rhod, have "big foreheads, big ears, and they stink." They have heavy features and folds on their faces, particularly their lips, and they have sharp teeth. They're tough creatures, but one of their weaknesses is that they won't fight without their leader. Once the leader is killed, they stop fighting.

The role of the Mangalores in The Fifth Element are acting as the bumbling minions of evil folks. In this case, they were hired by Jean-Baptist Emmanuelle Zorg to recover four special stones in a case. They're not too bright and are betrayed by Zorg, who blows some of them up. In the end, the Mangalores inadvertantly kill Zorg when they blow up a luxury space cruiser.

The Mangalores have the ability to shape-shift. Two try to board a ship using fake identities of who they think is Korben Dallas, the main character of the movie. Their leader also shape-shifts into a handsome African-American gent who my wife is absolutely in love with.

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