A suburb of Sydney, NSW, Australia. The southernmost of the Northern Beaches, Manly is renowned for its advertising slogan "7 miles from the city, a thousand miles from care".

Man"ly, a. [Compar. Manlier (?); superl. Manliest.] [Man + -ly. Cf. Manlike.]

Having qualities becoming to a man; not childish or womanish; manlike, esp. brave, courageous, resolute, noble.

Let's briefly put on manly readiness. Shak.

Serene and manly, hardened to sustain The load of life. Dryden.

Syn. -- Bold; daring; brave; courageous; firm; undaunted; hardy; dignified; stately.


© Webster 1913.

Man"ly, adv.

In a manly manner; with the courage and fortitude of a manly man; as, to act manly.


© Webster 1913.

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