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Black Books episode guide: Manny's First Day (episode 2)

Manny arrives at Bernard's shop in the early morning to find him asleep/passed-out on the couch. Slowly he awakens to confusion ("Am I dead?" "No." Then, looking at Manny, "Have I joined some kind of cult?") and Manny states "I'm here about the job." Of course, Bernard can't remember a thing as he was incredibly pissed.

Bernard has never had anyone working with him, and it all seems a bit funny. It will never work, he thinks. So he tries to do everything he can to make sure Manny doesn't work there. They agree to have him work for a trial day, and that Bernard will make a decision at closing time.

Manny turns out to be an amiable, efficient, and eager worker. The customers love him, and he sells more books in a single day than the shop has sold since it's opening. (or something like that) It is for all these reasons that Bernard decides that Manny really isn't right for the job.

Later Fran, upon hearing that Bernard has refused Manny the job, straightens him out with some implied violence. Manny is hired.

Note the bearded cameo of series co-writer Graham Linehan.

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