Ok, for the average user, these changes can be ignored, but for the power user, who is looking for the gain in MIPS, MFLOPS, MB/s, or anything else, give these serious changes a good look.

Front Side Bus

This is the most overlooked item on a mother board. Many believe performance gain is within the multiplier, but not so. Upping the FSB increases the CPU clocks, and allows for higher performance.

Core Voltage

If you notice a stability drop, try upping this. The AMD T-Bird is good for 1.85 V, but go to your make's Web Site and check for the optimal voltage.

Fast CPU Command Decode

If you have this, change it to fast now! A major performance increase is in order if you do. So go log off, look for it, enable it, then come back and finish this write up.

CPU Drive Strength

Ah, flip this to 3 if your system is pretty stable. It could add a 5% gain to the mix.

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