As we all know, there can be no proof of the non-existence of God. No formal proof, that is. Still that doesn't mean we should stop thinking about it.

Marcel Pagnol, a great French writer, has exposed a somewhat striking argument about the (non-)existence of God. It is obviously not a scientific proof, but it's nonetheless quite efficient:

    César : "Sometimes I think about something terrible : You see, all those foreigners - the Chinese, the Africans, the Indians, all that billions of people - they all have their own Gods, and those gods are so different from ours... So sometimes at night I think about it and I wonder : "What if our God was not the real one ? What if the real god was African or Indian or something ?" I mean, imagine, you die, you go to heaven, and there you see a God with three eyes and five arms, who speaks to you in some language you don't even understand... What d'you do then ?

    Woman: "Bah, if you went to church more often, you'd know that there's only one God - ours !

    César: "That's okay, our God is the good one, I agree - but that means that in the world, you see, there are billions of people who get shafted1 - and that really pisses me off."

What do you think ?

1: "Shafted" : an approximate translation for the southern French "couillonné" - the kind of word you might want to add to your list of French bad words :o)

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