Yesterday was pretty crazy. I was very tired after an exhausting week, and neither of us were really in the mood to be at work if I may take the liberty of speaking for someone else. Most of the morning was people without sales, a woman came in because she couldn't figure out her Wi-fi, and how to connect with Alexa. This is the kind of thing that we are not paid to do, can take an inordinate amount of time speaking to someone who is technologically challenged, and won't pay the three dollars per month for the tech support feature we have because they think and feel that they are entitled to this level of product support because they pay for our indirect employer to provide voice and data services on their phone. The other day a woman came in with a printer issue. To be fair to customers, it can be confusing to separate what responsibility goes with the carrier, the manufacturer, and the end consumer. We are a sales outlet, which means that we sell things. It's our job as sellers to turn these people into buyers, I signed up for this, so it's on me to figure this out without becoming annoyed at them because like my boss said the other day, our jobs are probably on the way out because soon the generation that grew up with cell phones won't need us.

When I got home I was tired and wired. I fretted about missing my sales goals for February, but thankfully on the very last day I pulled down $1200+ which put me over the edge. A guy I sold two phones to is returning both of them, and it's going to be a nightmare since he traded in two other phones, and received $800 in bill credits. I knew when I sold the first one that it would return, but I couldn't see a way out of the situation. I wonder if I was being greedy and just wanted the sale, something to think about. A man and a woman stopped by to ask if we could change their phone number for them. They were told no, and later on I found out that this is something we could have done, but we would have charged the same fee, and this is what can happen to people who swagger in from a Big Box Store demanding that we fix things that they could have prevented, but didn't. I'm not sure if I wrote about my experience with said store, but as someone who works at a carrier, my advice would be to purchase your phone from the manufacturer, or someone who understands the plans better because that is the tricky part of the transaction, and mistakes can haunt you for a really long time.

This is nothing against them, but cell service is much more complex than I ever realized, and it can be mind bogglingly difficult to correct mistakes, oversights, problems, etc..., perhaps at some point in time I will write about purchasing a phone, upgrading one, porting a line, wireless home phones, TOBR, phone numbers as property, first responder SIM cards and service, and other scenarios we encounter, but today will probably not be that day. Once someone gets into your account, or starts messing with your devices, or service, there is untold damage that can be done, intentionally, or not. Knowing what I do now I probably wouldn't have hired myself for this job, but here we are. This is a major case of let the buyer beware. Just the other day I removed a navigation plan from a deceased person's account. I also informed his spouse that she was still paying for his line, but she didn't seem overly concerned about that which was none of my business (insert Kermit drinking tea GIF, or emoji equivalent). The bottom line here; your bill can be confusing, check to make sure you understand each line item even if it means an inconvenient call or trip to the store.

The other day I had a woman I didn't sell anything to, and I don't think I will even if she comes back. Having worked in a nursing home, and having had parents and grandparents who had dementia, some of the signs and symptoms seemed to be there. My boss said there's a certain look in their eyes, and I agree with them. Now it's true that cell phones, internet, and even TV service can be complicated, but that's not the vibe I was getting from this woman who was in her seventies. I'm not sure how to put down in words what I sensed, and saw, but I bet a neurologist, or even her general practitioner could tell you how much actual executive functioning ability she had. Her hands were dirty in a way that reflect inattention to hygiene, she had some strangely colored something or other come out of her nose when she blew it, that was totally repulsive, I talked to her for long enough to make sure that we had updated her auto-pay information, and wondered if her credit card was actually legit missing, or she had somehow misplaced it herself. I hate to think like that, but I never want to be taking advantage of anyone with a compromised intellect.

After the customers left us employees got into a conversation about money. I'm not even sure what started it, but we discussed budgeting, savings, credit cards, auto loans, and investing. Now I remember how the conversation may have began; I was trying to sell a mutual fund and couldn't. Today I called and the gentleman I spoke with explained that they don't allow these trades over the phone. It would have been helpful had I received that error instead of the one I did that made it seem as if there was some technical issues, that's what the guy thought initially, but what matters most is the trade was placed, and I had a fun conversation that will also move me forward. Quick subject change - I stumbled on an article about MMT, and learned a lot reading it. One thing I like about myself is that I believe that I am a lifelong learner. On the other hand, I'm usually big on theory and small when it comes to practical applications of what I've learned. This is an area where I can change, and I'm excited about that. I let myself sleep in this morning, and it's been amazing how much better my mood is because I'm no longer completely sleep deprived.

Today I read that the single largest thing one can do to improve their life is to manage their time better. This really resonated with me as I wander around with great intentions without getting a lot done. I'm going to go back to the library and get the Mari Kondo book again. I felt like reading that really helped me, and this time I'm hoping to really get at the root of why we have accumulated all the things around here. I somehow thought my lease was up in May, but it's actually running until the end of July. Part of me wants to reach out to the father of my children and ask him what happens after my oldest turns 18 in May, another part is scared, and I figure it's my responsibility anyways. I can't believe I just wrote that, but I'm also proud of myself for being honest about the subject. I'm still searching for a new job, but not as aggressively as I had been. To anyone who is hunting for a job, or searching for a place to live, my heart goes out to you. My theory is that if I get my place minimized, so easy to say, so hard to actually do, it will be easier to move when the time comes. I can also break my lease early, but that comes with a $300 fee. Yikes!

Anyways, today is good, and there are many positives associated with tomorrow as well. Much love to you and yours,


P.S. So much for getting out to paint. Maybe tomorrow...


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