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One day before I go on a trip, and a call in the night. My one employee is sick. I don't have a trained substitute at the moment. Phew, today will be a challenge. I will put a message on the machine, check it between patients and will not be upset if there are cancellations or no shows.

All denomination prayers, healing wishes and agnostic/atheist good thoughts for my employee accepted with grateful thanks.

I am feeling surprised that anyone is surprised that Facebook sold us and that apps steal our data and our friends and that corporations lie to try to control us and steal money. Hello, haven't they always? And there are all those advertisements about Big Data, companies that can mine Big Data to help you.

We should all do our part. Open a dictionary to a random word daily and do an internet search. Search on a random piece of junk mail daily. Search on something you hate or think is stupid. Let's fuck up the data. Back to the surrealists....Search window replacements. Search pet toads. Search SS uniforms for rent. Search lesbian lover techniques. Search Mark Zuckerberg slime mold. Let's give the Big Data a really Big Headache.


Addendum: It's 2:41 and I saw my patients and fielded around 20 messages. Short break then more paperwork....

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