Drowning... in the sea of love
Where everyone
would love
to drown

A long time ago, say 20 years or so, a guy met a girl. As so often happens, they met at college. Hello, became hey, like became Love.
He was eight months younger, but she didn't point it out too often. They studied together, made an A in a Civil Rights class together and attempted to destroy a cheap dorm bed . Together.

A few days, became weeks, became months. They both graduated. One got a job, the other graduate school. One moved. then the other. One North, the other South.

The distance was a problem at first, but they worked around it, for a while. Then he had a parent die, and she had a sibling die and gradually the distance became more than hurdle. It no longer described what they were, it defined who they were not.

Well, I've been afraid of changing,
'Cause I've built my life around you

The last time the boy saw the girl was in New Orleans, which, all things considered, is not the worst place in the world to break up with someone. She knew, long before he did, that after five years the relationship had run its course. It was time for her to to move on. It took the boy several months to see it for himself.

The boy hasn't seen the girl since that sunny day in Louisana. He hasn't even talked to her in more than 20 years. He heard she got married. He hopes this is true. He hopes she is happy. Now, all these years later, the boy knows a little something about love, loss and acceptance.

Still there is this one odd thing.

Every year on March 26th he remembers it is her birthday. This is more than a little strange, because the boy has met so many people since the breakup. He has even been lucky enough to love and been loved by a few. Out of that smaller number, he remembers the birthday of only three. Not that large of a number if you think about it, and he does think about it.

Once a year.

... time makes you bolder
even children get older
I'm getting older, too

All italics- lyrics from Fleetwood mac

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