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I've been called The Devil before, I just hope they think I'm a Handsome Devil.

I've feeling a bit ugly right now though, it's because I worked last night. You see, working in a breakfast restaurant is the exact opposite of working in a strip club, and it seems I'm one of the ugly people that is being made to work nights. I'll be okay, I just refuse to let anyone tell me this is a good thing. You wouldn't try to tell a stripper she can make more money on day shift, would you? So leave me alone.

Improv is hard. I tried to get myself in a writing mood this morning because one of you basically complained I hadn't written a daylog. I can only console you the fact that I have been working on another writing project which will eventually be (I think) my first attempt to create a node on E2 in I don't know how long. If some E2 god smites it I'll just reproduce it in a daylog for you. Anyway the point was I was also looking at a chess game I have going while trying to get in a writing mood, AND talking to a couple of people, including the Man (he deserves to be capitalized, ladies) I was playing chess with and I came up with:

I went to the doctor and I told him I'm having chess problems
"Chest problems?"
"No CHESS problems"
He said, "Oh, give it a Knight and get back to me."

HARD, I tell you. But the Man liked it so there it is. Now on to women. I saw a woman write something on a dating site:

Perfect Match

Easy going, mellow, laid back, dark/good sense of humor, computer geek, gamer geek, cynical, attentive, articulate, intelligent, music/movie nerd.
Between the ages of 28-35ish.

I just had to write back.


I swear I'm going to stop trying to start a conversation with women on dating sites/applications. But then I see this:

Between the ages of 28-35ish. -- Ok I turned 36 in September.

music/movie nerd. -- Doubt I qualify as a music nerd, possibly not even a movie nerd, but why do we have to modify nerd in such ways?

intelligent -- I'll be the first to tell you being Valedictorian of my High School doesn't really mean what most people think it means, but the general consensus is I'm not dumb.

articulate -- I love to ask women what they are thinking. Of all the times people say, "Nothing," I believed a girl once, when I was a Senior in High School a freshman girl said it and I looked at her, and I believed it. It actually took me a while to realize that even if people are always thinking SOMETHING, articulating it is a different matter. I like articulating.

attentive -- The truth is I'm a needy little bitch. But you can look and need as just an extreme form of want. And I want to interact with people more than pretty much anything else I could do. I like entertaining people and being entertained by them. I'm a huge fan of psychology and some people don't like how I stare, but I believe people give away a lot with their expressions.

cynical -- I admit I got all the way to that last paragraph before I started thinking about how much I'm writing you and easily it might happen that I get NO response. None. Zip. Nada. Did I mention I swear I'm going to stop trying?

gamer geek -- I challenge you to find someone who has spent more of their life playing games.

computer geek -- After my parents bought "the family" a Commodore 64, I was content to never go outside again.

dark/good sense of humor -- I did stand up comedy a couple times in college. I have a friend who thinks I should write some material and try to do some open mic stuff or something. If you can come to my place, look at my collection of dead hookers, I mean REALLY look at them, SEE them, and tell me they aren't funny, well then maybe I lose out here.

Easy going, mellow, laid back -- I don't think I was in my 20's. Now I am much more so.

Your turn.


She never responded.

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