Parker (a company that produces pens) ran an advertising campaign in the early 70s simply showing a hand using a Parker Pen to write out the following 'mathematical' formula:

(3.5G + V/2)/4(H2O)3 + 3(360o) = M

Apparently they received thousands of letters from frustrated chemists, mathematicians and physicists all informing them that the formula was nonsense.

The formula becomes simple when you realise it's the 'formula' for a Martini: 3.5 shots of gin and half a shot of vermouth over 4 parts H2O3 (ice...Water cubed), then three stirs (the 3*360o) and...Hey presto!

The campaign (which ran in Newsweek and Time) received one very critical letter asking "Who ever heard of Martini without an olive?".

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