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Marvel McFay was the mascot for Six Flags Astroworld. He began his day job in 1974, when he along with several other costumed characters were introduced. Together, they performed at the imaginatively-named "Marvel McFay Theater," doing a rousing musical revue.

McFay and the Gang also made appearances at Houston Astros games at the nearby Astrodome, serving as unofficial mascots for the team.

McFay would probably best be described as a man with a giant ball for a head. The ball itself was indistinct - for a long time I thought it was a baseball, but there were no stitches or any other telltale insignia to suggest this.

Why did Astroworld stop using McFay as a mascot? No one knows for sure. But sometime during the 1983, the stage where he performed was bulldozed and the entire area replaced with the Enchanted Kingdom, featuring things of a medieval nature.

Will Marvel McFay return someday? Most likely not. He was a product of his times, when the San Diego Chicken was the best thing since sliced bread and Chuck E. Cheese's had the best live show in town. These days, with AOL Time Warner's ownership of Six Flags, the only characters you'll see about the park are Looney Tunes legends such as Sylvester and Bugs Bunny. A pity, really. The local charm of such theme parks are wearing off all the time.

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