With lots of new recipes and food nodes popping up in Everything, I think I will jump on the bandwagon! However, I'm no cook. I did however work in a dining hall, which specializes not to make food taste good, but making it really fast (see Jansens sucks). Here are some "recipes" (snicker) that the dining hall staff uses:

  • Scrambled Eggs: Don't use individual eggs. Too slow. Go to the supermarket and buy liquified eggs. They come in liter cartons and they have been treated with citric acid. Dump 50 or so in a huge steamer or pressure cooker the size of a bathtub, stir it with an oar (no kidding), and you're done! Enjoy!
  • Soup: Mmmmm, soup. But you can't use those pansy small pots. You gotta go for the huge cauldrons! This works with any type of soup. Dump the shit in, cover it, and turn the cauldron on. It is so big you can fit two people inside. One cooking serves 600 people!
  • Meats and Fish: You can't give attention on individual servings. To get the speed up, you must cook in assembly line style. Toss them all on rhythmically, turn them all over, serve. You must get the timing right or some will get burnt. Just like a huge barbeque, except you don't get to eat any.

  • Roasts: One huge oven. Dump them in. Enough said. Give them a good glazing and seasoning, if it is burnt slice it off. Serve them up! Lamb, beef and ham works the best this way.

  • Veggies: Two words: giant steamer. Cooks huge servings at a time, works well with cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, peas and corn. Quick and convenient.

    Fries and other fried foods still work the same because they cook en-masse anyways. However, the larger the serving, the worse it tastes. It's a law.

    Remember, forget about taste, go for speed!

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