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On useless self-education

I'm the kind of guy who will stay up late to learn Markdown in order to write articles, blog posts and nodes faster than ever before.

I'm also the kind of guy that will spend hours and hours learning how to properly use Markdown to make citations and format academic references so that the resulting HTML and/or LaTeX document will be properly rendered.

I'm the kind of guy that will cite seminal papers in biology (Watson and Crick, 1953) in order to support the claims made in a daylog nobody will read

I'm the kind of guy that will have a Markdown editor, Notepad++, the command line, Mendeley desktop and a browser on Google Scholar and ArXiv open at the same time and believe that is a good and productive workflow.

I'm the kind of guy who reads relatively useless papers (Nov, 2007) because they seem interesting.

I'm that kind of guy. All references on this document were machine-generated using an unholy concoction of pandoc, BibTex, Markdown and the Windows cmd. May Eru have mercy on my soul.


Clockmaker rightly pointed out that the reference cited in this daylog is «The structure of dna» and not «The Structure of DNA» as it should be. Upon closer inspection, the flaw was in me, failing to properly check my BibTeX reference, blindly exported from Google Scholar:
  title={The structure of dna},
  author={Watson, James D and Crick, Francis HC},
  booktitle={Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology},
  organization={Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press}
Let this be a cautionary tale for academics: Double check your BibTeX file! The reference has been manually updated to reflect this error

Bibliography and recommended sources

Nov, O. 2007. What motivates wikipedians? Communications of the ACM. 50(11),pp.60–64.

Watson, J.D. and Crick, F.H. 1953. The Structure of DNA In: Cold spring harbor symposia on quantitative biology. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, pp. 123–131.

Clinic power was out from just before 8 am until 10:15, to move the house that arrived by barge yesterday. Luckily we have paper file backups, though not of every note. We'd planned to print out the most recent note on each patient before morning but both forgot: my glasses broke at the temple in the morning and I had to roar off the three blocks to the eye doctor's to get an emergency fix. Couldn't see, couldn't tape it and was getting an instant headache trying to keep my glasses on with one ear piece.

I also have a prescription pad, for the days when the computer isn't or the power isn't. That was handy this morning.

We are now going to buy a lantern for the bathroom which has no windows. I had a flashlight in my car. We got by.

The power is back up....


Eye doc this pm, been 2.5 years, I am stupidly near sighted and just spent nearly 1K on glasses and the exam. Oh, and guess whose eyes dilate furthest and longest? Blue eyed females. Moi. My peripheral vision is so weird dilated that I have a "tigers are attacking me" sympathetic nervous system response. Adrenalin....I have almost no iris right now: looks like I've been in the opium den for a week or two.....My pupils are big as platters, just like the dogs in the fairy tale*...

....well, it could be worse. I could be blind or dead or trying to escape Syria in a boat or all sorts of other things....

....I wish the tigers and Trumps would quit stalking my peripheral vision....

*The Tinder Box by Hans Christian Andersen. That is the sort of useful self-education my brain stores. Not HTML.

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