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Darlings, your favorite lizard has been recalled.

I turned 60. To lizards, this means adolescence and playtime has ended. It is time to grow up, be serious, get some work done. It is time to find a mate and reproduce. Ah, children! I really look forward to it. Though not to the job of eating the nasty horrid ones. Maybe my mate will enjoy that so I don’t have to.

I want to thank everyone who has been nice. There have been nice people. My favorite recent comment was a noder who said that me being sick was “Hard to watch.” I wrote a bit of a diatribe about that and the noder I showed that to said, “You really ought to put that on a t-shirt.”

“What?” I said. ADHD and OCD, remember? Also hypoxia so long term memory was not working very well. Erratic.

YOU try being a MANIC LIZARD.”

“Oh, that is really funny! Great line!” It was 3-4 days, I think, before I realized that I had written it, not him.

Anyhow, you may make t-shirts with that if you want. I hope someone draws a really good graphic. Let’s see, fire lizard, chameleon, those Jesus Lizards, a dragon, a dinosaur…. well, hmmm. Anyhow, whatever. Two reptiles: me and grundoon. Grinning at each other. Because we did.

You know, I minded some of the cereal downvoters. Mostly I shook it off, because really, you can’t let haters bug you. Besides, I have work to do. I am leaving my host a bit worse off. She is disabled as a Family Physician. It's not clear how much her lungs will heal, might have to be on oxygen permanently. Lungs can scar, just like anything else. But there is still lots of interesting work for her to do. And LOTS of other places to write. They might actually like her. She continues to study discrimination, addiction, triangulation, lying and enablers and enablees. The usual human crap. Her maternal family really takes the cake. You could not make up the level of lying. It astounds me. People continue to not believe her.

Anyhow, that's enough work for more than one lifetime.
Take care.

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