I guess it's good to be misunderstood. It could mean you look at things in a different shade of light. You have a different perspective on the world. The key though, is keeping it all together.

Some people do not think I can, it is good thing that I like proving people wrong, but the downside is I can only succeed if there is an opposition. I know that is, kind of, the point in any sport, competition, battle, etc. However, my point is, I guess that was my point.

Flirting is kind of like a sport or a competition, where the goal is to wear down the opposition, and I sometimes have to flirt with e2 in order to get some affection. I will tell you something, that e2 is fickle beast. Mainly because it is a revolving door, they come and they go, leaving their markings on the wall.

These virtual scratches are a little something for you to remember us by, a memento, a keepsake if you will, for you to treasure and do whatever you do with memories.

Some like to keep scrap books of their favorite memories, I think it can be a little creepy if you ask me. One could easily manufacture a reality a skewed from the rational with one of those books.


I am building one. I don’t know how big it is going to be, but it will only cost a me a couple handfuls of quarters.

Building blocks?

What about building blocks?

What kind of building blocks are you talking about?

Dude, you can use anything as a building block, take Pringles the completely edible scientifically engineered not quite potato, potato chip, but my point is anything can be a building block as long as it is stackable.

So you are not willing to answer what, are you willing to share where?

I am building it right here on my computer desk.

So, is it going to be small in stature?

I don’t know yet, I already said this.

So, it is going to cost only a couple handfuls of change?

Yes, quarter dollar coins to be precise.

If you think about it, it will cost me more than it cost to build the pyramids of Giza, I mean minus the countless number of human lives sacrificed; the only cost was time its self and I find you waste a lot of time waiting on more building blocks. I have heard crazy figures on how fast they would have had to set the blocks to build the pyramids in the time they said they built them in, and those figures assume a constant rate without any problems. That would take orders of organization, and magnitudes of manipulation.

I have two theories on how they did this, and one is telepathic aliens, the other is those master freemasons are much bigger of a threat than they lead on, but of course their society might be in a self-propagated decline as well.

Doubtful, because a society that is obscure from the outsider’s perspective is one that is most capable of continuing traditions and maintaining a healthy heritage.

Just ask any cult leader, you do not want the unpurified tainting the beliefs of the followers, now do you?
No, no you don’t.

I know it is somewhat ridiculous having a cult leader as one of my personalities, but it had to be created in order to establish a connection with Charles Manson’s psyche. Now, before you call me a lunatic I just want to share, I discover that a willing percipient can take a task too far in an attempt to show devotion. Be it plucking of eyebrows or extortion of money, and a competent lawyer would have addressed this I hope, no one is ever 100% of the time under the control of another human being due to a little thing we call free will. I suppose this argument is irrelevant at this conjecture, so I think it is best if I digress.

I would just be one more bozo in a tin foil headdress they would have to suppress.

You feel blessed -- every day, the gods see you and are glad -- you have collected 6 of their Golden Trinkets.

I do not know what kind of merit that pulls around here but I guess I am not such a bozo after all.

I cherish my trinkets, and I do not care if other people have a lot more than me and think they are stupid. Just as I cherish every bite of my delicious cinnamon and sugar coated cereal when I am baked, I charish my trinkets.

You know, I think I might be becoming a glutton, but I could have just been hungry. But then again, how can you tell if you never measure your weight?

I just eat and eat, and my shirts continue to fit, and every once in a while I take a huge… Please quit.

Yeah, yeah, not a problem there are bigger fish to fry.

Why do we say ‘we a taking a shit’, when we are not taking a shit, we are leaving a shit. The logistics on this one baffle me.

These are the bigger fish, depressing, is it not?

There are many things about English you just have to accept, it is like "okay, yeah, whatever." It does not actually make sense but it sounds good, and every American eventually adopts the ‘ah fuck it’ personality trait. This is why America is going to shit; oh, that and, everything is over-priced but what can you do.

As you can see I do not have anything really to talk about, except maybe that my allergies are acting up a bit here and there but nothing like everyone else’s.

Oh, I also do not like shifting I like an automatic transmission.

I wish more things were automatic.

What if we had a robot for every job would we still have a need for money, and if so, how would we obtain it, through a pay-pal service?

You know what I mean, right; companionship, camaraderie, prostitution.

That basically is what everyone’s job offers right now, and if you do not think so, you are looking in the all the wrong spots.

Trust me, you will find at least one of the three while looking under the sink.
Everyone I know keeps their prostitution under the sink in a little brown bag.
He looks around, and goes for three sentences of the exact same length, man.
And, he scores, it was a close one, but he sneaked that one in through a corner.
They are all getting a little longer because of my coma usage, what can you do?
But say fuck it.
You know what I hate, work, I need money just given to me for being tall and sexy.
The thing is I have too much going on in the old brain to have a decent picture taken.
I always have some weird expression on my face reflecting something someone said.
Is it a good thing to write sentence all the same length, with little variation and pizazz?
This technique is literally putting me to sleep.
I must bring it to a finish soon.

He falls asleep in the chair head nodding to one side, drooling collecting in the corners of his lips, and his hands softly resting is his lap.


What a sorry sight that must have been.

Fucking Christ almighty stop staying up so late.

He once was a smart cookie, but now his cheese is migrating south.

Stay cheese, stay.

Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?

But, of course.

(Scoffs at the idea of not having any, and waves his driver on.)

Hell yeah, that’s how I roll my Rolls.

Can’t touch this… Dun-nun-ahnuah… Break it down… Oh-ohh-ohh-Ohhh-Ohhh-Ohhh-oh-oh… Stop… it’s Hammer time… Dun-nun-ahnuah… Can't touch this...

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